Update: Maintaining Helvetimail is not easy, because Google's CSS is a mess and keeps changing. It demands more time than I am able to regularly devote. I've never meant to make Helvetimal a paid upgrade. But now I would like to kindly ask you for even a tiny donation, so that I can spend a few more hours/days on Helvetimal, fix what's still unfixed, maybe prepare an iPad version, etc. Please note this is not to make me rich, but just to cover at least a part of the time cost needed to maintain Helvetimal. The economic downturn makes me do more work for less money, so spare time for hobbies like Helvetimail is scarce. Thank you very much!

Helvetimail Screenshot

Some of you guys wanted simple minimalist Gmail skin? Here is Helvetimail...

Please note that this is originally Jon Hicks' design for Helvetireader. I just applied it to Helvetimail and Helvetwitter. See also Ad Taylor's Helvetical.

All browsers: Please, first of all select "Minimalist" theme in Settings-Themes in Gmail. Helvetimail makes use of the icons from that theme.

Fluid: If you don't know Fluid, it's something which lets you turn Gmail into standalone desktop application. Once you have Fluid, go on thru these steps (please follow them properly, it's the only way I could make it work). Warning: do not reload manually, or the style gets lost. Gmail will display new emails automatically so there's no need to reload.

  • You may want to use this Gmail icon from Iconspedia.
  • Run fluid.app and enter the following info - url: www.gmail.com, name: Helvetimail, location: whichever you like, icon: Other... (locate the one you downloaded from Iconspedia). Click 'create' and then launch the new application.
  • Download the userscript (right click the link and save the target) and copy all of its content to clipboard.
  • In newly created Helvetimail.app, press cmd-ctrl-n to create new userscript. Call it e.g. Helvetimail. Now a text editor with script should pop up. Overvrite everything in there with what you have in clipboard (= the downloaded usercsript content). Save, close.
  • Go to script menu in Helvetimail.app (in top menu bar) and select Helvetimail, so that it's checked.
  • Press cmd-shift-h and Helvetimail should reload with the new theme.

Firefox: If you have Greasemonkey installed, just click this userscript link and you will be prompted to install Helvetimail script. Once it's installed, just reload the Gmail page. Thanks to my friends, talented developers from www.clevis.cz, for making it work!

Safari: (Mac only) You will need Greasekit installed (which in turn requires SIMBL installed). Snow Leopard users, please note you need to run Safari in 32-bit mode to have Greasekit available. Once Greaskit is up and running, just click this link to install the userscript.

Opera: Download helvetimail.user.js, open Opera preferences and go to advanced-content-javascript options. Select the folder where your helvetimail.user.js is located and you are done. No rounded corners, though.

Mozilla Prism: Not tested, would require a bit of hacking to make Greasemonkey work under Prism. Please see instructions in this blogpost which could lead you to solution.

Safari, Fluid: BAD NEWS - so far I wasn't able to make it work, although I tried hard. The problem is that Gmail html+css+js is incredible mess (why?). But I won't give up and promise I will try to get the solution within a week. Please check back later or follow me on twitter. If anyone finds the solution, please do let me know! Thank you for help.

Chrome: Again, I think some nightly builds now support userscripts, but haven't tried. If you are capable of running nightly builds, you would probably be able to implement Helvetimail userscript.

Mailplane:I assume Helvetimail should now work well in stable releases of Mailplane. Please let me know if not.You will need Mailplane 2.1 BETA. Helvetimail won't display correctly in stable version 2.0 (thanks Ruben Bakker, the Mailplane developer, for solution) UPDATE: some people have trouble make it work under Mailpane, while others don't. I will post further updates once I sort out the problem. You can try the following if it works for you: Download the CSS file here. Go to Tweak UI in Mailplane's Preferences. Click Choose under the Custom Stylesheet section. Select the downloaded CSS file. Thanks David Klein for sharing!

If you have any comments or encounter any problem, please leave a comment under related blogpost or contact me directly at josef.richter@me.com

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