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One more wallpaper with The Hit List to-dos

26.05.09 | 29 Comments

My friend Vojto from http://www.infinite.sk/(check his portfolio, talented guy!) sent me his variation on my wallpaper, which displays to-dos from The Hit List. The Hit List is a really very nice alternative to Things. I used it before Things, but I was missing the iPhone version. I beleive they will be adding iPhone version sooner or later, though. It’s a must. But I just LOVE their icon. Maybe the most beautiful one on my MacBook.


Here is the screenshot of Vojto’s wallpaper “in action”. It’s for tiny displays: 1680×1050 :-)

blue dynamic wallpaper

Grab the underlying JPG wallpaper here.

Now the scripting. It’s going to be just a little bit more difficult than with Things, but nothing to be scared of.

If you need the introduction to GeekTool, please see the previous post.

1. You will need Apple Developer Tools and Ruby, which should both be included in your Mac OS installation.

2. You will need rb-appscript which you install by entering “sudo gem install rb-appscript” in terminal. This makes application scriptable using Ruby (alternatively Python or ObjC). If you don’t know what the hell does it mean, just don’t care and proceed :-)

3. Now create file ~/.hitlist and put in the following code UPDATE: the new code checks if The Hit List is open, and if not, it will close it again after taking the to-dos from it.


# Load up appscript
begin; require 'rubygems'; rescue LoadError; end
require 'appscript'

# Load Hit List and check if running
thl=Appscript.app('The Hit List')
  wasnt_running = true
end unless thl.is_running?

# Get todos
puts thl.today_list.tasks.get.find_all { |t|
}.map{ |t|

thl.quit if wasnt_running

Save & close

4. In terminal, type “chmod +x ~/.hitlist” to allow reading from this file.

5. Open the geek tool and add new item as follows:


And you should be done! Enjoy!

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